Our organization is named after the most fascinating hill overlooking Florence. On Arcetri Hill is where Galileo lived in the 17th century. The word Arcetri comes from Latin “arcis veteris”, meaning ancient fortification. It also reflects reliability and continuity, the principles driving our work.

Our business started in 2010, managing some short term flats in Florence countryside. We took care of restoring, furnishing and leasing some beautiful homes. In 2016 we started working on Arcetri hill, managing apartments deep in the green hills, only 15 minutes walk from Ponte Vecchio. 

We started organizing small events, workshops for kids and arts classes. Guests often asked us to organize birthday parties.

Over these years we have built experience and – more importantly – a network of trustworthy people with high specialization in this line of work. Since 2020 Arcetri has focussed on touristic hospitality in Florence, Lucca and Sienna and on activities aimed at enriching our guests’ experience in Tuscany.