All major US universities have a campus in Florence. Many teenagers study in Florence every year, often on their first intercontinental trip on their own.

“Arcetri staff is made up of fathers and mothers: we know how it feels when we’re worried about our kids, no matter if they are taller than us!”

When we support a student, he/she feels that mom&dad are nearer and this is so important. So, we keep an eye on kids, checking on them if they feel sick, delivering tasty baskets and – on special occasions – gifts, flowers, birthday cakes, drinks.

“You should see kids’ faces when they receive their baskets, especially when unexpected …”

Parents usually contact us in advance when they want their kids to get something from them to celebrate their birthday – especially 21st!! This is about special cakes, gifts, flowers. Differently, when a kid is not feeling well, parents would urge us to go see them on the same day, deliver something to make them feel better. The sooner the better? Ok!

Our most frequent and most appreciated service regards BASKETS DELIVERY.

Kids love to receive their parents’ baskets full of tasty treats, drinks, chocolates. Arcetri offers different baskets ranging from the “Get-well-soon” Package (with freshly baked bread, honey, fresh eggs) to the standard Welcome Basket (olive oil, wine, biscuits, chocolate) to the VIP Birthday Basket (a crazy box with salmon, Prosecco and other top delicacies).

Our Farmer’s Basket is also a fantastic surprise: Wine, olives, fresh pecorino, provola, parmesan, salami, olive oil, special bread – seasonal dessert.

Arcetri staff deliver baskets in Florence and surroundings. Basket contents are always tailored together with parents and according to the season. Ask for our updated list.

Kids don’t need any effective help, because campuses are very well-organized and kids are perfectly taken care of. But, it’s about feeling closer to one’s own family: also the most independent kids can miss home! A tasty Welcome Basket is like a warm hug to encourage.

Arcetri staff also organize cooking lessons at kids’ places to help them eat better during their stay in Florence.