Art in Tuscany? Tuscany IS art. You could visit a church, a palace, a museum every day of your life and there would still be so much left to explore.

Strolling around Florence narrow streets or biking along the magnificent town walls in Lucca can be great fun, but you cannot miss exploring the extraordinary artistic heritage of our region with the help of a professional guide.

A good guide will outline the best itinerary for you and will guide you to discover churches, towers, squares, telling you about history and art in the ancient centuries. This exciting experience will stay in your memory forever.

If you are staying briefly in Tuscany, 2-3 hours with an efficient local guide can change your perception of the place you’re visiting and give you an intense, amazing experience. We can outline some possible itineraries and give you a quick overall idea of Tuscan towns, show you the main squares and monuments. Our official guides are experienced, speak fluent English and other major languages.

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Lucca: beauty and perfection

This is the funeral monument for Ilaria del Carretto, Paolo Guinigi’s wife. It’s a marble artwork made by sculptor Jacopo della Quercia at the beginning of 1400 and it is placed in S. Martino’s cathedral in Lucca.

Tuscany is also simply enjoying small pleasures: strolling around Lucca and its tiny shops, biking on the city walls.

If you are staying in Florence you can catch a bus and explore Fiesole. Enjoy the seasonal gifts of nature…

If you have enough time, you can venture to Tuscan thermal areas…

These are only a few ideas, but there is so much more to explore…