This class is called “My dessert class” because every single lesson is arranged and tailored according to our guests’ wishes.

Our guests are mainly families or small groups of friends who are visiting Tuscany and who love Italian food a lot. Cooking with families is a special time for Arcetri staff, it is about talking and sharing in a joyful atmosphere. During desserts classes children are usually the best chefs!
Some visitors ask Arcetri’s chef to choose what to cook, but most have very clear ideas about Italian desserts!
This class lasts about 2-3 hours. We go to our guests’ apartment, bring all tools and ingredients with us and get things organized. We cook together with our guests, we talk about food, we compare traditions. Before leaving, we clean up.

Our guests will then relax and enjoy their Italian desserts later on, with a nice drink and a beautiful view over the town.

“cooking a cake together with your friend, husband or kid will help create vivid memories about this special trip and will strengthen your bond with our beautiful and luxuriant land”.