This is really a top gift for yourself and your traveling party!

Our professional chef will discuss with you about your favorite menu, according to the season and your taste.

The chef will be at your place in time to prepare your perfect lunch or dinner and serve it to you at home, in full relaxation and delight. The chef will explain his dishes and tell you about his choice about wine pairing. You can choose among various menu according to the season. You can go for:

  • a typical Tuscan aperitivo: many nice appetizers, a light meal
  • a local everyday meal
  • a luxury lunch or dinner based on a refined menu, a top quality wine pairing and a beautiful table set up.

It will be a very special time for you and your party, very engaging.

Our cook can introduce you to old Tuscan recipes, for example Medici's dishes or let you try new, fresh dishes.